Introducing the Seaboard

SEABOARD [see-bohrd]  / noun

1. the line where land and sea meet

2. a region bordering a seacoast

Living in the Northeast brings with it the best of all worlds. No matter if you find yourself in the big cities of New York City or Boston or one of the New England towns in between, you are never more than a car ride away to the Green or White Mountains, the remote wilderness of Maine or the vast Atlantic Ocean.

But living on the East Coast also makes one acutely aware of the tradition and history this place holds. And this sense of tradition carries over to everything - including footwear designs.

The Seaboard is our interpretation of an East Coast classic. Its pattern pays homage to the designs that came before it while the updated look and feel make it uniquely its own. 

Redefining an East Coast Classic
— the icanchu seaboard

Crafted in Italy

Timeless Craftsmanship X Modern Design

Thanks to the traditional Italian shoe-making techniques employed by our family-operated factory, the SEABOARD infuses timeless craftsmanship with modern design. 

A meticulous attention to detail is found throughout the entire process, beginning with the hand-drawn paper patterns. After rounds of refinements, these patterns are then translated into hand-cut leather pieces to be sewn together.

Crafted in Italy with East Coast soul.

Beachgrass Brown

Inspired by the Atlantic coast line

The Seaboard is constructed in Beachgrass Brown Italian Nubuck, a colorway that cannot help but conjure up the sensations of the Atlantic coastline.

Warm, soft sand, the taste of salty air, the sound of the crashing waves - each element was harnessed and used for inspiration in creating.

Incomparable Comfort

Finished with a cork footbed and the world's most comfortable sole

As soon as you step into the SEABOARD, you will experience the difference. Greeted first by a leather-lined cork footbed, you will immediately begin to feel the insole mold to your feet. Being lightweight and flexible, the cork insole allows your foot to move like it was meant to.

Handmade in France, the luxury of our soles is incomparable. With thousands of micro-bubbles baked into the structure, these soles are the most comfortable ride your feet will experience.

Just as important, both the cork insoles and the hevea outsoles are sustainably sourced. Both materials are harvested in a way that prevents damage to the trees that create the raw materials.