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Introducing the Sample Room: A Platform for Delivering Handmade Italian Shoes at Wholesale Prices

Eliminate Excess. Amplify Essence. This is at the core of ICANCHU.

With the release of our upcoming CHUKKA I am excited to introduce the launch of the Sample Room

By cutting out the middleman in order to deliver the shoes directly to your doorstep, we are eliminating the excess and passing the savings on to you.

The Sample Room serves as our platform for creating small batch, handmade production runs in order to offer you incredible shoes at incredible prices.

When you pre-order a pair of shoes during Sample Room Campaign, you are locking in a pair of handmade shoes at wholesale prices. 

This is how the process works: the ICANCHU community will have a 2-4 week window in which to be able to pre-order a design at a wholesale price. As soon as this pre-order campaign is over, we will move into production. You will receive your designs within 6-8 weeks of the pre-order campaign ending.

So why should you participate in our Sample Room campaigns? Outside of the satisfaction of helping to bring ICANCHU designs to life, you also get to lock in both an incredible savings as well as an actual order.

Because the Sample Room features limited edition runs, there is the chance that the designs sell out in the pre-order period. By pre-ordering you can guarantee that you get your size and color.

Our first Sample Room Campaign is currently underway, featuring our CHUKKA design. Handmade in Italy with the world's most comfortable sole, the CHUKKA is valued at over $260. 

However, you can pre-order your pair of CHUKKAS today for only $147 !

Homemade Shoes: Introducing The ICANCHU CHUKKA SNEAKER

If you want good bbq, go to Texas. Funky soul music, hop on a flight to New Orleans. The best nachos, head north to Newport, RI (yes, you read that correctly). 

But if you want to find the soul of handcrafted shoes, you head to Italy.

I’ve been looking for a way to make shoes in Italy for a long time. As with shoe manufacturing in general, finding a partner that provides the right balance of quality with order sizes that make sense for us at this point has long been the sticking point. 

However, I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Chukka Sneaker, a limited edition run of designs handmade in Italy.

For this collection of shoes we have partnered with a third-generation family owned shoe factory on the eastern coast of Italy. Shoemaking is such a way of life for this area that the craft is known locally as “homemade shoes.” Because everyone has grown up in home full of shoemakers, the love of shoemaking (and apparently the artisanal gene) continues to be passed down.

The Chukkas will be available in both Charcoal Gray and Desert Tan. Each pair in this exclusive run comes handmade with an Italian suede upper and a handmade French sole (we are not exaggerating when we say that this is the world’s most comfortable sole).

This Chukka Sneaker design is the concrete representation of our minimalist ethos: remove what is unnecessary and focus on the quality and use of what remains. 

On their own, the Italian suede and French sole are the best elements you can use when making a shoe. However, I believe it is the infusion of soul by these craftsmen that breathes life into the design. 

Once you put these on, you will not want to take them off. At least I haven’t.

Beautiful, handcrafted shoes. Wide, clean beaches. Delicious, heaping plates of pasta. This is a relationship we look forward to having for a long, long time.