ICANCHU: A Creation Story

The Coal Drummer by:   E   l i s a      B   a l d i s s e r a
After the Great Fire destroyed the world and before the little bird Icanchu flew away, he roamed the wasteland in search of First Place. The homeland lay beyond recognition, but Icanchu’s index finger, of its own accord, pointed to the spot. There he unearthed the charcoal stump that he pounded as his drum. Playing without stopping, he chanted with the dark drum’s sounds and danced to its rhythms. At dawn on New Day, a green shoot sprang from the coal drum and soon flowered as Firstborn Tree, the Tree of Trials at the center of the World. From its branches bloomed the forms of life that flourish in the New World.
— The Cosmic Fire, South American Mataco Tribe Myth

The ICANCHU story is a creation story, the harnessing of creative destruction to bring about the birth of a new world.

This new world is one where fashion meets function, where as much thought is given to the resources and processes behind the manufacturing of the designs as to the end result of the designs themselves. In this is new world, every step is examined. From reducing water waste in manufacturing, to consolidating operations to reduce our carbon footprint to stripping away unnecessary materials in our designs, we are eliminating excess while amplifying the essence of the ICANCHU movement. 

Today: we are burning down the preconceived notions of a how a dress shoe should be built, rebuilding from the ground up the most comfortable, functional and fashionable design. Lightweight. Flexible. Zero-drop. Supernatural performance. This is the athlete’s dress shoe.

Tomorrow: we look beyond black and brown dress shoes to create an eco-system of designs that live and thrive in this intra-connected minimalist philosophy.

Forever: designed for athletes, by athletes.